Hi. Sorry you didn't win

the $1.5 million Twitter giveaway, but thanks for taking part.

How was the winner chosen?

Many of you are curious about the how the winner was chosen.
We get it … $1.5 million is a lot of dough.

To guarantee the success and fairness of future sweepstakes, we can't share many specific details about the process, but we can tell you this ... The winner was chosen by an independent 3rd-party sweepstakes administrator to ensure that they were fairly selected per the Official Rules.

Using a complex (and proprietary) algorithm for random selection, our 3rd-party administrator conducted a drawing from among all eligible entries. For absolute accuracy, this drawing was then quality checked by another group before being finalized. Once this system of checks and balances had been achieved, Esurance was notified that we had a unoffical winner and the process of verifying that winner began.

Why was the winner from California?

It wouldn't be fair for us to reject an eligible winning entry just because they live in the great state of California.

Who won?

In case you missed the announcement, see the winner revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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